Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Why do you need to market?

Nate Fortner

It would be nice if all you had to do was write. Then you could let somebody else handle all of that “marketing” stuff. Unfortunately, the reality is that you will have to do it yourself. This is true even if you have a contract with a major publisher. They do the work to get your book in bookstores, but the rest is up to you. Sometimes you even have to be the one to actually convince the bookstore to carry your book.

Want to do a book tour? You are booking it yourself most of the time. This means getting on the phone with the bookstores yourself. My first book tour, I scheduled myself!

You can’t expect your customers to come to you. You have to go to your customers. There are a lot of books out there right now. A whole lot of them. People must know you exist. You can talk about niches all you want, but there are already books in your niche available.

So how do you differentiate your book from all of those other books? Marketing.

Your readers aren’t just buying your book. They are buying a bit of you. The book comes with a story beyond what is in the pages. It comes with your story.

You need to make your readers care about not only the book but the author as well. If you are writing fiction this means that they think you are an interesting person with an interesting story to tell. If you are writing non-fiction this means that you want people to believe that you are an expert.

However, marketing is not just about telling your story. It is about getting potential readers to take action. Learning to write persuasive sales copy is an important part of the book marketing process.

And the last reason you need to market:

Because nobody else is going to do it for you. If you are self-publishing you probably have already figured this out. This applies equally to traditionally published books as well.
You must take massive action in marketing and promoting your book if you expect it to go anywhere.
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