Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Determining Your Audience

Nate Fortner

Have you defined your target audience? Do you know what they are looking for? It will make the marketing process much easier if you start with marketing in mind before the book is even written.

This applies to fiction and non-fiction equally.

Whether you are writing a short how-to guide as a Kindle book or a hundred thousand word epic novel, your target market is not “everybody”. Even for best-sellers the target audience is not everybody. There are people who cannot stand Stephen King’s writing. There are people that gag at the thought of opening a book by Nicholas Sparks. Yet we are all envious of their success. They write mega-bestsellers even with targeting “everybody.”

Just because a book is written for a particular audience doesn’t mean that they will be the only ones who read it. If it is well written, then your target audience will want everybody to read it.

Think of Harry Potter. Who is the target audience for the first Harry Potter book? If you said 10 year old boys, then you are our big winner. Now, are ten year old boys the only people reading Harry Potter? Hardly. You are not limited by your target audience, but you still need one for focus.
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