Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Dollar Is Bouncing Back From Poverty

Nate Fortner

According to the Washington Post, the euro has fallen to a 12-year low of $1.07, down from $1.39 just last year. So with a stronger dollar, doesn't that mean our economy is getting stronger? Of course it does! Business is booming in the US and we have all started to get back to our normal lives again, the way it was before the recession. With the majority of the European countries still trying to get their finances in order, the US has the ball in its court. However, this could mean interest rates may soon be on the rise.

So what does this mean for the publishing industry? At this point, it may be too soon to tell. For the self-published author, prices may be going up on publishing packages and promotional products. However, the good side is royalties should also go up. As always, be creative and look to gain massive exposure. Do your part to get more of the American dollar while it's worth it.

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